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Editor’s Introduction to Lapidary World
We keep hearing it said that lapidary is a dying pursuit. Well it ain’t necessarily so, and in fact, indications point more to the opposite conclusion. In this introduction, LW editor Hans Durstling explains the purpose of this magazine, and of course, how to subscribe.  more...

Rubies in Nova Scotia.
A well known but disused Nova Scotia quarry suddenly turns out to be chock full of ruby. Low grade rubies, as yet, but rubies nonetheless.  more...

Gem World
Report from Lightning Ridge.
Opal cutter Christine Roussel of Lightning Ridge Australia gives us a glimpse of the past year’s mood and mining in Lightning Ridge and tells the story of the world’s largest black opal freeform carving - weighing 1.2 kilograms and a full foot long on its base.  more...

Tools and Techniques
The Low Cost Diamond Saw Oil Refinery.
Tired of disposing of sloppy messy diamond saw sludge? Here’s a cheap and easy way to make the sludge manageable and retrieve oil into the bargain.  more...

Fear and Loathing On Two Islands.
When you’re collecting on the Bay of Fundy you have the world’s highest tides to contend with. If you mess up on your safety precautions, the cold bath you take may be your last.  more...

Gem Feature
Garnet – It Gets No Respect.
Cutter and jewelry-maker Rick Martin of Camarillo California not only cuts brilliant stones but also is a sheer inexhaustible repository of gem knowledge. In this story, he tells us why garnet deserves more than it gets.  more...

Gem World
Slim Pickins in Pailin.
In which young Alexander Mossman, bearing with him a better than average awareness of gems and geology and lapidary, discovers that even these are not much help when you’re gem buying in the Pailin marketplaces.  more...

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