Hans Durstling's Fundy Agate Page of Cut Stones

The spotlight, as befits this section of my site, is on Bay of Fundy agates in their cornucopia of colors and pictorial patterns. Just take a look at these!

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Exquisitely delicate pastel cream to caramel colored 5-Islands Bay of Fundy porcelain plume agate.

28 carats
34 x 21 mm, 5 mm thick

Low dome, translucent through the central banded "eye" at the top.

Back flat, finished to 400 grit.

Sharp rust reddish plumes spear into a café-au-lait center in this truncated wedge low-dome cab of 5-Islands porcelain-plume.

9.5 carat
25 mm high, 19 mm wide at the bottom.

Back finished to 400 grit.

Five Islands porcelain plume low-dome cab

3 carats
15 x 14 mm, 2.1 mm thick.

Back finished to 400 grit.

Five-islands Nova Scotia porcelain-plume with red rust plumes like aquatic fronds

14 carats
29 mm along the bottom, 19mm along the top, 18.5mm wide.

Top surface shaped as a section of a cylinder, underside flat and finished to 400 grit.

Oval medium dome cab of Five Islands Nova Scotia porcelain-plume agate with a central translucent druse of minute interfelted crystals.

13 carat
19.5 x 17.5mm, 5mm thick.

Underside flat & finished to 400 grit.

Low dome rectangle of Five Islands Nova Scotia porcelain-plume. The glowing burnt orange pastel tones in this semi translucent stone are reminiscent of the halo in a Russian icon.

9.5 carat
18 x 16.5mm, 2.5 mm thick.

Underside finished to 400 grit.

Dramatic composition - clouds, plumes and fortification lines swirl and thrust in this Five Islands porcelain-plume.

26 carat semi translucent low-dome.
33mm width x 28.5mm high and 3mm thick.

The underside is flat and finished to 400 grit.

This dramtic and drusy crescent of Five Islands porcelain plume

26 carats
33mm high by 16.5mm at its maximum width. It is a medium dome stone, 6mm at its thickest.

Underside flat and finished to 400 grit.

A low dome Bay of Fundy shield in muted reds shooting through white. Five Islands Nova Scotia.

14 carat
29.5mm wide x 23mm high and 3.7mm thick

Underside flat and polished.

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