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An underwater garden of Five Islands golden mossy plumes glowing against a translucent china-blue ground.

21 carats
37 x 18.5mm, 4.5mm thick

Underside flat and finished to 400 grit.

Submarine scenery in a panorama stone from Two-Islands Nova Scotia. This striking agate with its curiously patterned clear central zone often framed by fronds brings to mind images of diving in the Caribbean. A double sided (both sides domed and polished)

15.5 carat
18 x 16.3mm and 5.3mm thick.

Doesn't this astonishing profusion of pattern make you think of a circus in the sky? It does to me. Or maybe it's a submarine circus.

11.5 carat Two-Islands Nova Scotia low-dome panorama stone
21.5mm wide x 23.5mm high and 3mm thick

the back is flat and polished.

Again we glimpse the underwater jungle of Two-Islands panorama stone

25 carat
flat top cab 37mm long x 15.5mm wide and 4.3mm thick.

Sides rise steeply; underside is matte finished to 400 grit.

A truncated wedge of Two-Islands panorama stone, very slightly curved low dome.

16mm high by 11mm wide, 2.8mm thick;

Reverse side flat and polished.

How many adjectives can one stone support? Yet sometimes the framing plumes in the Two-Islands panorama stone flare out to become the major theme. So let's baptize this one "panorama-plume."

10 carats
21.5m high x 15mm wide the stone is 2.5mm thick;

Reverse side is flat and polished.

Perhaps a passing squid deposited this puff of ink in the panorama stone.

4.3 carat
17.8 x 14.2 mm, 2mm thick

Reverse side flat and polished.

A Two-Islands underwater garden of plumes growing out of golden moss.

15.5 carats
22mm high x 16mm wide and 4mm thick.

A truncated Two Islands panorama stone wedge-shaped low-dome with a sparkly little crystal patch at the top left.

6 carats
15mm high x 18mm wide at the bottom 3mm thick;

Reverse side flat and polished.

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